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AM/FM Stereo w/ Voice Prompts Radio

Sangean PR-D17

Brand: Sangean
Model: 14-PRD17
Designed with special consideration for visual impairment
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Retail Price: $134.99
About This Product


The PR-D17 was designed with special consideration for visual impairment. Practical voice prompts over large yellow high contrast rotary control knobs and preset buttons with raised symbols have been thoughtfully implemented, keeping the operation on the PR-D17 simple and intuitive. Each button pressed is followed by a voice prompt to guide the user through each step of the way such as station browsing, alarm clock settings, radio station information, the time and other settings.

Great Reception and Sound

It demonstrated good AM clarity on weaker stations with no muffling or bandwidth reduction on weaker signals compared to some other radios

Great Sound Performance

The twin speakers perform very balanced. The bass is substantial, but not overpowering. The highs are good for definition, without being too brassy

Satisfaction from All Users

High contrast controls in bright yellow and preset key controls with raised symbols for easy identification

Multiple Voice Prompt Languages

The PR-D17 does not just produce amazing sound, but also speaks up to languages depending on your region

Friendly Voice Prompts

It will repeat after each touch of the buttons and controls so that the user is well-informed of the entire operation without getting lost

Adjustable Alarm and Sleep Timer

An alarm timer that wakes you up to the radio or buzzer. The buzzer includes HWS that starts with a soft low volume that gradually increases

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