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Sangean SG-108

Brand: Sangean
Model: 24-SG108
UPC: 729288013051
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Retail Price: $139.99
About This Product


The HD Pocket Radio delivers ideal performance in radio reception and audio quality in a compact design that has the looks and style to match. This radio supports PAD (Program Associated Data) service and a HWS (Humane Wake System) buzzer and radio. Included with this radio is a fully functioning power AC adapter.
Decades of Excellence With Sangean heritage and quality engineering, the HD series is getting better. The HDR-14 is no exception Content Subscription-Free Access digital entertainment and technology, and discover fresh digital content including more stations, better sound, and no subscription fees Small Yet Loaded Features including 40 memory presets, multicast capability, clock and alarm, low-battery indicator, and FM antenna The Perfect Touch It is easy to get accustomed to with all of its controls well-marked and intuitive, especially the thumbwheel volume control design Memory Presets The More the Merrier I can tell you already that I'm as pleased as punch Sangean gave the HDR-14 a total of 20 AM and 20 Fm memory presets
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