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Six-Element Dual-Panel Invisible Loudspeaker


Brand: JBL
Model: JBLC86
UPC: 50036378819
JBL Conceal Series
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Retail Price: $3,100.00
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The C86 is the flagship of the JBL Conceal Series. This invisible architectural loudspeaker features a dual panel design for optimum acoustic performance. Each panel includes a rigid frame that houses the drivers and acoustic components that would be found on a conventional visible architectural in-wall or in-ceiling loudspeaker. The frame attaches directly to the structural framing of the wall, while the face of the loudspeaker – the FidelityGlassTM panel – features a smooth and durable surface that is designed to be finished in a similar fashion to the wallboard surrounding it. With the edges of the loudspeaker flush to the wallboard, the seams are taped and spackled using common methods and techniques. Once sanded and properly prepared, you simply need to paint or wallpaper the surface of the loudspeaker to match your desired finish. The complete invisibility of the Conceal Series products combined with their broad hemispherical acoustic coverage pattern allows for optimal placement virtually anywhere in a room, be it in a wall or ceiling location. The finished aesthetic benefits far exceed that of a traditional in-wall or in-ceiling loudspeaker, resulting in a new level of performance.

• Two-piece design with 8-inch (200mm) LF panel and separate five-element HF panel

• Proprietary Fidelity Glass acoustic panel and compression molded baffle

• Custom designed transducers with JBL premium acoustic crossover network

• Integrated back box enclosure

• Installs like a standard drywall patch

• Paintable surface can also be custom finished

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